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How much does it cost to purchase and implement SOS for Home?What is the break-down cost of licenses, maintenance and support, installation, customization, data migration and training?

administrator Vice Professor Asked on July 3, 2024 in Backup.
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Software price

SOS for Home offers a monthly subscription plan priced at $9.99 per month. They also provide a yearly subscription option for $99.99, which saves users 17% compared to the monthly plan.

Plans compared

SOS for Home offers a single plan for all users which includes features such as emergency contact alerts, location tracking, and a panic button. There are no tiered plans or additional features based on pricing.

Plans fit

This plan is best suited for individual users or families who are looking for a cost-effective personal safety and emergency response solution.

Other costs

There are no additional implementation costs as the software is designed for easy user setup. The software does not offer customization options, therefore, there are no customization costs. Training is not required as the software is user-friendly and intuitive.

One-time fees

There are no one-time fees associated with SOS for Home. Users can simply download the app on their smartphones and start using it immediately.

Alternatives compared

When compared to alternatives such as Life360 and bSafe, SOS for Home offers a more affordable pricing structure with similar features focused on personal safety and emergency response.


SOS for Home is a budget-friendly option for individuals and families seeking a personal safety app. With its competitive pricing and essential features, it provides good value for money. On a pricing grade scale of 1 to 100, SOS for Home would score a solid 85 for its affordability and offerings.

Vice Professor Answered on July 3, 2024.
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